Call for Submissions

Call for Submissions

“Immigrant Women in Charge”

Deadline: 10 June 2016

Woman2Woman Diaspora Action Group is currently involved in a project called “Immigrant Women in Charge”. The purpose of this project is to mobilize all immigrant women to document their narratives of inequality and their efforts to empower themselves to take on active leadership roles in the Swedish society, including in efforts to tackle issues related to youth identity and lack of employment opportunities. We hope to establish a database of resources for documenting narratives of inequality, as well as to build an alliance among women of migrant background so that they may voice their concerns and the challenges they face within Swedish society.

It is with this in mind that we encourage all women of migrant background to write to us their stories. If requested by you, your identity will be kept completely anonymous. We are looking for all types of stories, which includes experiences of discrimination, racism, Islamophobia, etc. in:

  1. The workplace;
  2. At school;
  3. At hospitals and clinics, including in maternity wards;
  4. During visits to various social service offices, as well as in interaction with such offices;
  5. With various authorities, including the police, and how you have (or may have tried) to report cases of discrimination.

Your story does not have to be limited to the above mentioned institutions; you are welcome to write about whatever you wish. Please send us your stories before 10 June 2016 to and

Would you prefer to give us an interview instead of writing your story? No problem! Just contact us via email and we will make it happen.

With your permission, your story might be featured on our blog ( and in the final report of our project, which will be submitted to the Open Society Foundation.

CLICK HERE for ‘Call for Submissions’ in PDF.


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