Yalda came to Sweden when she was 18 years old. she lived in Jönköping for two years but moved to Tomelilla later. She is very active girl who fights for her rights and those of others. Yalda faces everyday racism at the grocery store, the hospital and other common business. But there are two events that really stands out from all others.

 One incident happened in a supermarket.

One day I went to buy meat, the man who sold the meat saw that I was a Muslim but he gave me pork anyway. The sad thing was that the cashier saw what was happening but did nothing, I left everything and went home with a very heavy heart, I wished someone had helped me that day.

Another day I was going to school and I was waiting for the bus. the bus arrived and the bus driver drove past me. I thought he did not see me, so I ran and knocked on the door but he looked at me and drove off.

Luckily the next stop was not that far away so I ran to the bus stop. The driver saw me running, so he waiting for me when I got to the bus, he closed the door on me laughing and drove off.

Every time I close my eyes I see how people in the bus looked at me. I wished someone came up and said something to the man because I did not know the language nor my rights.

 I remember that I sat and cried for about 1 hour until an elderly man came and sat next to me, he start to talk about his own story when he came to Sweden 40 years ago the same thing had happened to him, he said he is telling me this so I will not give up.

I regret that I did not report him even though my Swedish was limited, I regret that I have not called the police and demanded to have an interpreter but I was afraid no one would believe me, I was afraid the police would say it was a misunderstanding

 If the same thing had happened today, the first thing I would do is report him.

The incident has affected me so much that I ended up in depression I wished I could go back to my homeland.

What I take from this incident is to never give up as the old man told me.


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