20 year old Matopeda was born and raised in Malmö. She has applied for several jobs and she has sent her CV to various companies.

One of them liked her they called her for an interview. When Matopeda came to the interview, they were shocked by the way she was dressed.

They did not expect that she would look like that. She is after all a young girl who was born here in Sweden.

This has happened several times to Matopeda so she knows that they will refuse her job. She has learned to look for a job where they will hire her because of her education and language skills

Matopeda wanted to reported the incident but didn’t know how, who or what to report.

She regrets that she did not speak her mind because she already knew that she was not getting the job anyway. She wish there were somewhere she could turned to when she have been denied jobs because of her attire.


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