Came to Sweden in 1994 at the age of 12

Calm, sensitive, mature and humble
Can´t say no to people

I’ve worked a lot in healthcare, there was a time I worked for three clinics at the same time. It was then that in one of these clinics that I felt discriminated. Some of my former colleagues used to ask lots of questions about my background. Questions like “Where do you live?” and “Where are you from?” whereupon, their reaction to my answers were prudent. One of the said “isn’t the place you live in a very criminal area?

Several people from the clinic had a bad attitude towards people of immigrant background. So I went to the manager and said that I would only work in two of the three clinics. I never told her that I felt offended by my colleagues I just said that I preferred the others. However, now when I look back at the situation I regret not saying anything,  I did not say anything because I was trying to avoid fuss and if I would have told the manager, she would have called them in and ask them about it.

I did not want to point fingers, I was afraid they would forward it to the others at the clinic and tell them I had complained to the boss. I was of course sad when it happened but because I could choose to work at other clinics it did not affect me so much. If it would have been a full-time job in just that clinic, I would have been much more depressed.

Another occasion I worked in a group accommodation, and an old lady called me dirty because I’m black. She said that I could not help her until I had washed away the brown spots on my body, i.e my skin color. Then I said that I was not dirty but that I had sunbathed in Mom’s belly. I give that answer a lot, mainly to protect myself but also so that there will be a big issue about of it.

One thing I always regret is  that I did not stand up for myself and speak up.


Image source: http://stayhappycollective.tumblr.com/post/57655445189


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